The one and only Dubai Palm Tour – Enter the inner Circle

The Dubai Palm Tour gives every Guest the opportunity to get as close as possible to the inner Beauty of the Palm Jumeirah. Is the Palm Jumeirah safe? – Does the Water smell? – How many Tons of Rock were used for its’ construction? – The Tour will try to answer all of your questions and…

…show you the incredible size of the project. The Palm Jumeirah is one of the most iconic and unique Masterpieces, Mankind has ever build. In only 3 years, the Project has been basically handed over for construction and just a couple of years later, first Owners received proudly the keys of their properties. The question you may have also is, why there was the need to build a gigantic Palm Tree looking Island into the sea in front of Dubai’s coast line? – What was the purpose? – With the Dubai Palm Tour, you will have the opportunity to enter exclusively with Respect to the Environment and its Residents and discover and understand all details and background of its’ creation.

You will be blown away of its’ size and the perfection of the final Result. We are looking forward to welcome you on board soon.

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