4 City Attractions you must not Miss on your Dubai City Tour

Dubai city attractions worth your time and money

For those who are traveling Dubai for the first time, too many options can be confusing; Dubai has a lot to offer for tourists. When visiting Dubai, you can choose to visit as many popular destinations and culturally strong landmarks as you possibly can. However, there are some spots within the city that definitely excel the others and in order to help you learn more, here are those 4 city attractions that you just can’t miss on your Dubai tour.

  • Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall should be on the top in your Dubai city tour list. Dubai Mall is famous for its extraordinary popularity that can be attributed to the Mall’s ability to provide extensive shopping experience for its customers. The mall also offers entrance to one of Dubai’s highly regarded luxury hotels, Burj Khalifa. Additionally, the Mall includes a game zone, Ice-skating rink and a cinema complex to entertain its visitors.

  • Dubai Museum

Dubai’s magnificent historical center is located in the architecturally brilliant Al-Fahidi Fort. Designed in 1787, the fort was built to guard Dubai Creek. The museum and the fort are incredible landmarks that offer rich historical experience and architecture for history lovers. The museum encompasses corridors with displays covering different parts of customary Emirati life with antiquities from 4,000-year-old graves at Al Qusais archeological site.

  • Bastakia

The Bastakia Quarter or the Al-Fahidi neighborhood is landmark from the 19th century. The old city of Dubai was build and dwelled by the Persian merchants who moved to the locality for business and trade. The old city offers a tremendous historical experience for travelers looking to learn more about history of the city. With distinct cultural architecture and traditional furniture, the old city offers a look into the ancient dwellings and way of life.

  • Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is one of the most important locations in Dubai. If you are booking for Dubai tour deals, make sure to look for packages that cover Dubai Creek as part of the tour. The Creek showcases the history of local dwellers that goes back to as far as 4000 years when the tribe of Bani Yas first settled near the region. In order to tour the Creek, you will need to travel on the tourist cruise boats that are guided by local tour guides. Your hotel management can help you set up the tour for the Dubai Creek under the guidance of an educated and experience tour guide.


It is important to mention here that all the above-mentioned attractions cannot be visited on your own, especially if this is your first time in Dubai. If you would like to visit any of the mentioned attractions, it is best that you take assistance of an experienced tour guide. You can hire tour agency for the most part of your trip or tour with a travel agent or an independent tour guide to avoid being lost. Tour agencies are geared towards helping you find a convenient way to schedule your trips, so it is best that you leave that to a professional for an enhanced touring experience.

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